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By definition, being successful is in a part being different. However, many organisations tend to crush that unique differentiator they seek. You can not underestimate the role the fear of standing out and bureaucracy plays in smothering our innate maverick.

How a business becomes different and nurtures that fresh spark in its people, is not solely because of the alchemy of psychology and economics but as well – you.

A true innovator isn’t the rebel – someone who tears up the rule book. It’s not about just breaking the rules but remaking them. It’s about measuring different metrics and asking bigger questions.

This is a human-centred strategy. The answer must be people because if it is profit-centred then this business will be just like every other in its sector. It might survive for a while, but will it flourish? Without the human factor, it will be far less profitable than it might have been. We believe it will never reach its potential, and it will never be resilient.

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    Our leader – Patrycja Franczak often says “innovator wants to make a better world and is resourceful at all times.”

    The difference between a conventional and an innovative business is partly the commitment it is given by its people and the corresponding quality of their ideas, paying dividends on repeat.

    It’s about taking a measured risk and asking sometimes obvious questions. There is a myth that innovators take wild risks – it’s a lie. In turn, lifting the uncertainty around experimentation, testing and failing are one of the key challenges.

    Remember innovators are not afraid to experiment. They are experimenting responsibly. They are unconventional thinkers, and they don’t quit because of setbacks.

    Can anyone do it?

    We are all born with creative genius, but too many of us forget who we are. We become inured to hearing the word ‘no’ and eventually we start playing save and doing what everybody else does.

    Our advice is to stop overthinking strategies – experiment. Open your senses and adapt to your environment. Also, allow your values to lead to your actions.

    Five moments

    It has been said that a good career is made up of five moments, five key decisions when you were at your best. Think about your business/career and imagine these moments filling your everyday.

    If you start to believe in yourself, and you choose who you really want to be, you too could be a business innovator.

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