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Business Maturity Audit

As an external expert, we check how your processes work, showing where the company makes mistakes.

We approach each audit individually, getting acquainted with the client's needs and expectations.

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What is an Audit?

The audit is aimed at an objective assessment of all or selected aspects of the work of the department and its employees. The purpose of this service is to identify barriers that prevent the department from further development. We will also identify solutions. And what’s important – our recommendations are dominated by propositions and tools that are cost-effective or free.

This audit is also a starting point to any long-term cooperation with us.

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Audit Features

Our audit approach is unique. We do not use the same tools and methods of operation for all our clients. We believe that an innovation strategy is the best when it supports the company’s strategy well. For this reason, each audit is preceded by an analysis of the company’s strategy. Based on the analysis, we prepare a dedicated audit plan, which is then accepted by the client.

We deeply analyze the most important factors in a given department. The result of the work is a report containing an objective assessment of the areas under investigation.

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Customer Benefits

Carrying out our audit has many benefits. The most important is: conducting an audit is the best way to initiate changes in the business – it reduces the costs of possible mistakes.

An audit performed before the implementation of changes in the company will multiply the return on investment. It is impossible to introduce all changes in a short time – the audit gives the opportunity to create clear tasks to be performed and prioritized. Changes should be made on the basis of the facts, and all the actions should be strategicly connected. Our audit helps to identify areas for improvement without employing expensive resources in the company.

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For Whom?

For all fashion companies. Markets are becoming more and more competitive and doing what we all do is not enough. All companies that feel they should grow faster than they are today should consider investing in innovation. We invite to cooperate: owners or managers in small and medium-sized fashion companies.

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