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There's plenty of space for innovation in business.

Below a few innovation types that you may consider.

  • Profit model – the way you make money
  • Network – the way you connect with others
  • Structure – alighment of your talent and assets
  • Process – signature of superior methods for doing your work
  • Product Performance – distinguishing features and functionality
  • Product System – complementary products and services
  • Service – support and enhancements that surround your offerings
  • Channel – how your offerings are delivered to customers and users
  • Brand – representation of your offerings and business
  • Customer Engagement – distinctive interactions you foster

Featured Innovations

Brand transformation.

Bold idea: The client contact us with a question how can he future-proof his product by identifying the next relevant disruptive opportunity areas?

Results: With all the sociological changes and evaluating habits our client needed to re-create his product to keep up with changing consumer behaviour. Through monthly subscription service, we created a foundation of 4 areas to explore and develop. We also supported the client with a new content strategy that supported the product changes and whole brand transformation.

Presentation to show direction.

Bold idea: Create a presentation that answers the client’s challenges. Our presentation was created to both inspire and challenge the thinking of the client’s team, providing them with the future macro drivers, market trends, and social shifts. The CEO’s goal was to show that the brand is focused on future-proofing its business. Our presentation unpacked consumer habits in lifestyle, beauty, retail, and digital trends through the lens of consumers, brand responses, and how it all really manifests in a digital setting. What truly surprised the team, the presentation was followed by an unannounced Q&A session, giving all participants the chance to ask questions about the trends and innovation.

Results: “We asked to give us insight about the challenges for our purpose-led fashion company on some strategic issues while the post-covid new normal begin to unfold. We have been able to create certainty around client behaviors and predict the future with the macrotrends and microtrends presented. That’s a good start to our future-centered strategy creation.”

New culture building.

Bold idea: The client was inspired to create a better workplace. Our job was to answer the question how does the future workplace look like and how the client can lead in this space.

Results: Our research helped the client understand the future workplace. We helped with implementation plan making. We supply the client with a visual presentation for his team as well as a new HR process that supports his new culture building vision.

Future-proofing product portfolio.

Bold idea: The Client’s challenge was to develop future-now opportunities for the brand. The big question was: how can he really understand the cultural trends and their impact on his consumers, and how can he grow his product portfolio in a way that is sustainable for the future and creates a great experience for his clients.


Through Premium Monthly Subscription, we uncovered opportunities that matched the client’s budget and needs. We found a strategy to future-proof the client’s offerings and increase his brand impact. Our validated insights created a wide range of content that enabled the business to uplevel customer experience.

Introducing bonuses for not working on vacation

Bold idea: Create a working culture that supports employer branding and reduce employees rotation. Client’s challenge was to reduce frustration and burn out in his team, at the same time offering something different than popular copy-paste job benefits we all see. Fruits on Wednesday and sports competitions become a cliché. But getting paid for not working on vacation? – That’s something new.

Results: PR note made from the action took on hype. Many CVs received and better work-life balance of the employees achieved.

Advertising on Facebook without links

Bold idea: Our Client’s goal is to build trust and relationship with people. To drive the most traffic to direct messages we decided to resign from adding a link to the ad. It’s not what Facebook Ads experts advise but who cares?!

Results: The add has created a need so urgent that people were messaging the profile which ran the ad. A dozen products sold in pre-sell and 40% of all were gone in just three months.

Re-launching local boutique by sticker decals.

Bold idea: took over the boutique promotion after it had been on the market for two years barely breaking the even. We realized that the challenge was not selling in the boutique itself but the location in which it lay. The solution was to create a way to a destination that no one knew existed.

Results: We amplified the idea of a marketing campaign through sticker decals. We created a local re-launch event with unique gadgets crafted to raise both awareness and interest. Over 50% of the remaining unsold stock was gone in the first four months of making re-launch.

Plain business cards with QR code and request to not to scan it.

Bold idea: The brand participated in many trade shows before without big success. The budget was tight and our mission was to show that some innovations don’t need more investment. The business cards was needed anyway so we decided to spice them up with uncommon text. Logo on one side and QR code on the other with “please, don’t scan it” sign.

Results: People are strange, you ask them not to do something and they do the opposite. If you look at how many people scanned the card you won’t be impressed (there’s a lot of doubt about the security of it). Although the brand name was Googled much more within 7 days after the event. Increase of sales 17% in the following month and many people came to the stand to that they saw the card and they were curious to see what the brand offers.

Creative team recruitment through educational meetups

Bold idea: The Client was having trouble with hiring new people. The task was to create a memorable brand experience that put a good light on the employer, educate about the brand and at the same time uncover people who may become new business assets.

Results: It was a great way to see how people behave, who is the leader, who knows a bit about the topic. Creating an event is a good promotion itself. But if you add hiring people who are on the same page with you – priceless.

Personalized business cards with a handwritten note

Bold idea: In order to make a business card stand out amongst a number of competitors we decided to make it personalised. But how to personalize business card? Printing each individually? No. We left someplace blank and leave it for a personalised handwritten note.

Results: Networking meeting never been so effective. Great way to start building relations and partnerships. Many requests after the events and memorable small talk feature.

Cosmetics labels with additional texts

Bold idea: We searched for little something that reflects the boldness of the brand and informed every piece of marketing collateral and the overall campaign strategy. We added additional texts into the product’s labels ex. “Bored? Download free ebook about skin care”. Yes, we all need to follow law restrictions but did you see that the labels often look the same?

Results: We are told that no body reads the labels but this has changed. Now people pay more attention to the ingredients. You have no idea how many shared what they found on the label in their social media and downloaded the ebook. WIN!

User manual in a changed template

Bold idea: Classic user manual is too long, often wrongly translated and not attractive at all. In the same time, we expect our customers to read it because this will secure the long-life of our product and reduce dissatisfaction. Our user manual was crafted to raise awareness and interest. How we did it? We added additional comments like “Be careful, no one wants to read it but it’s very important” and make a short checklist that covers the main features.

Results: Did we sell more because of the new user manual? No. But we created the buzz in social media. We used the case of a user manual to show how the brand cares about the customers – their safety. It also added a point for brand’s creativity and differentiation.

Selling a product that does not exist yet.

Bold idea: We were creating a new brand identity. The goal was to enhance the distinctiveness and vibrancy of the product idea in order to make it stand out amongst a number of competitors. Our graffiti-inspired launch event drew on the artistic vibe. We gave the guests a collaborative, memorable experience so they would associate with the brand in the future.

Results: Over two hundreds pieces sold before launch and whole production were gone in just three months.

Promotion of the boutique through vlogs of an older couple

Bold idea: Create a robust marketing push that builds interest and excitement, make the brand stand and establish a presence on digital platforms.

Results: There was a dramatic increase in traffic—more than double what it had been—as well as more sales.

Local business promotion by laud talking in public space

Bold idea: By using people’s nature and local character of the brand we decided to go for the old-fashioned method and promote the new boutique launch by laud talking in public transport.

Results: With no extra budget invested, the new boutique was launched successfully. The place was full of people from day one. And this translated into financial results.

Offer in the form of a exotic postcard

Bold idea: We sought an element that would enhance the distinctiveness and vibrancy of the entire project. Leaflets go straight to the bin in 9 out of 10 cases but beautiful postcard…

Results: The postcard created memorable experience people would associate with the project in the future.

Typo in an advertisement

Bold idea: After talking to the Client, we realized that the challenge was not in selling the products itself but creating emotions around the brand. The brand was perceived as plain and there was no interaction between the brand and the audience. The solution was to create something that catches the eye and get people talking. We decided to go for a typo in advertisement.

Results: We can’t count the number of messages saying we have a typo and even more buzz was created when we said we did it intentionally.

* We can feature only the projects our clients agree to share, pictures may not apply directly to the given project.

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