The preparations for Fashion Business Expo are currently ongoing. Governmental instructions will be followed up closely during these preparations. The well-being, health, and safety of the People of i.f, our Partners, and our Team are still our top priority.

We hope we will be able to celebrate this immersive experience, intense business mastermind, and luxurious environment with all of  YOU really soon.

Every visitor will be updated with open and transparent communication about Fashion Business Expo as soon as we have more information.


Fashion Business Expo


How would it feel to travel to incredible locations all over the world learning from Masters in their field and be surrounded by like-minded fashion people who live a life full out?


Each experience is designed to transport you along a path of true transformation in your business and life. We offer business and personal transformational experiences that allow you to break away from your daily routine and be enlightened and inspired to live your best life, creating a business you love.

At Fashion Business Expo you’ll experience a 1 Day VIP session where we focus on the one area that will most serve and uplevel your fashion business, project you working on or life. Visiting #DubaiExpo2020 will give us inspiration which later will be used to create innovative business concepts for your fashion business. I promise you will get more done during this trip than you would during a whole week working alone, following the old routine. Experience the exponential power of the mastermind session and individual laser focus your highest desire. Your VIP Day is a first-class experience with results that go beyond the immediate insights, and clarity to create lasting change.

We are purposely and consciously choosing a high-end destination – Dubai.

The location is exciting, the energy is powerful and it has all the right elements to ensure we can focus and initiate the ‘Fashion Forward Leadership Movement’ of each and everyone that will be joining us.

This is the start of something VERY special! Each and every person that has signed up for this unique experience has also taken the courage to put the future of their fashion brand in their hands. The world needs more fashion-leaders and our team is focused on getting you ready to drive your fashion brand forward.

The group of fashion people who come together are nothing short of AMAZING! You will meet fashion entrepreneurs, professionals transitioning, executives, industry leaders and… thought leaders. The Fashion Business Expo creates space for like-hearted people to come together and share a beautiful journey together with those who are passionate about making a difference in the fashion world. Many partnerships, joint ventures, co-creations and priceless friendships will be established. You will return ready to unleash your gifts in an even more meaningful way.



The Fashion Business Expo will be hosted in Dubai, hopefully by the end of March 2022.

This is an intense business mastermind connected with a luxurious environment with included activities to help you relax, experience the best of Dubai while experiencing an overall mindset shift and connecting with like-minded fashion professionals. The key attraction is #DubaiExpo2020 attendance to get new ideas in place and create trends-based fashion business innovation.

Your Host: Patrycja Franczak

I’ve had the fortune to consult many fashion businesses in the UK, Monaco, Poland, the USA, Australia, UAE and all over the world! But, after 10 years in fashion and almost 6 in business, I’ve learned that online can’t compare to direct, hands-on guidance from me. I wanted to create a unique experience for you.

I simply could not ask you to fly all the way to beautiful destinations without creating a luxurious and relaxing environment for you. I wanted to do 2 things: create an intense learning experience (leverage the power of group think, hot seat masterminding), all while providing you with a much-needed chance to connect deeply with other fashion professionals. I want you deeply submerged in an action-oriented environment, to feed off the energy and new ideas within a think-tank, all while experiencing the luxuries of an incredible destination – Dubai.

I’ve created a few surprises, one of them being the gift bag that you will receive on the first day… I’m pretty excited about how you will experience the items in your bag. I’ve included some experiences and excursions that I know you, as a busy fashion entrepreneur back home, simply may not get a chance to do. We will visit the Dubai Expo, and have plenty of champagne, and intimate chats about things that don’t normally come up in daily discussions. But we will also have some intense business training – individually and within a group.

I can’t bring you all the way to Dubai, just to work, I need you to fully relax, but I also can’t have you face-to-face and not give you strategies and guided lessons to improve your fashion business and your life. I will do both!

I’d love to have you with me. If you don’t know me yet, you can click (here) to get a better feel for my fashion forward leadership movement and the rules I live by. And if you have any questions, do email us at

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    Long story short…

    YOU GET:

    • two live calls before the experience so we can build momentum leading up to the event, and you’re getting two live calls afterwards to help you integrate everything we are going to show you.
    • Food hosted during hours spent with Patrycja Franczak (approximately 6 hours/day)
    • A gift bag with hand-selected surprises!
    • A daily refreshed coffee, juices
    • Guided Dubai Expo 2020 Tour
    • A full day of group masterminding & brainstorming
    • 45-minute one-on-one private session with Patrycja Franczak and 1-month email support after the event (a €175 value!) – although the host will be always around so you can pick my brain often than just in time of the session.
    • Group access to photos and videos from the event
    • Access to all content from the mastermind, additional sources, contacts and tools.

    Airfare and meals (after scheduled activities) are NOT included.

    You must have at least a communicative level of English.

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      By sending a message you agree to receive correspondence from Patrycja Franczak. Read more about how we use your info in Terms & Conditions.