Get Featured on Instagram

If you purchase any of our products, used our tips, or just have innovation worth sharing, you will be featured on our Instagram network. Just take a photo, mention/tag us and we will promote it. Here you can read more about our guidelines.


  • Take a good photo or video, with good lighting
  • Photo/Video should contain either store phisical items or digital view on the screen, it may also be something you have creating by following our tips
  • Create multishot post capturing different context to increase engagement on post which lead to bigger reach
  • Write a good caption which describe your workflow, innovation process and mention calling users to take action
  • Tag on the photo
  • Use proper hashtags, but don’t over do it. Use from 4-6 hashtags in your posts. You can start with #ifmademedoit
  • Don’t over complicated the process. Simple screenschoot with some note works fine 😉
  • Find post examples below.