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Driving Fashion Forward is a pioneer in using insights from different industries, futures studies to help customers drive fashion forward. Together with the companies we serve, we are enabling a more modern, more effective and more efficient solutions, and creating breakthrough strategies that transform business and industry outcomes.

We’re working on new, now.

To find new ways to solve problems, we need to reach for new ideas. Because when you use the same tools, you get the same results. We know you are ready. So are we.

Your way further is inspired by the pace of change in fashion. Our collective understanding of business and the fashion science is deepening. Data are expanding by the minute, and demanding analytics that can keep up. Technologies are emerging and transforming the way we ask questions, find solutions and make decisions.

We are also committed to using and accelerating change, and actionable insights that update how fashion businesses are developed and brought to market. The main goal is to help our clients better understand the market foresight data so they are able to raise value and outcomes for future generations.

We integrate world advances with fashion business expertise to help people in fashion make better decisions and create a better, brighter future. At, we are driven by the opportunity to help rethink and redefine how fashion can move forward with our customers. Today.

Doing smarter things

There are no simple answers. But is stepping up to the challenge of helping our customers embrace innovative techniques, tools, technologies and methods in how fashion brands are developed and brought to market. We’re developing new methods to evaluate market value and risks – and reevaluate how brands are promoted. We’re rethinking how fashion companies are managed. And we’re doing it now, with the world’s largest fashion professionals and with fast-growing fashion brands, innovative researchers, and others. Our customers understands that better results demand better ways of working.

Recognized returns.

From research to real-world, weaves together futures studies insights, outside the box ideas and expertise that fashion brands need to rise to the next opportunity. To look beyond what’s expected. To advance companies with newfound confidence.

Ready for NEW?

Featured Innovations

Don’t do that

Plain business cards with QR code and request to not to scan it – People are strange, you ask them not to do something and they do the opposite – rebels!


Cosmetics labels with additional texts ex. Bored? Download free ebook. We need to follow law restrictions but did you see that the labels often look the same?

Team up

Creative team recruitment through educational meetups – a great way to see how people behave, who is the leader, who knows a bit about the topic.

Too cute

Promotion of the boutique through vlogs of an older couple. Too cute to miss out.

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