BMA Consultation


Get Your Business Maturity Audit

The business maturity audit (BMA) is a proprietary tool created on the basis of 10 years of experience in improving fashion companies internationally.

It is a multi-threaded and complete analysis. Thanks to it, a strategy and tools for further work in the organization are created. Department Directors gain arguments for change, company CEOs get a picture of the situation and the basis of budget decisions, managers and specialists – a road map for executive activities.


The service includes:

Company Audit – We assess the business development potential in individual areas of the company’s operation. We analyze your business model, added values, competitive advantages, brand goals, and internal sales process to show you the opportunities. We map the company’s ecosystem, and business needs, we research the market, employees and customers.

Strategic Action Plan– a complete map of the company’s AS-IS situation with identification of factors that facilitate or threaten the implementation of the vision. We scan global markets to find the innovation across industries. We add a description of the potentials and recommendations for the development directions as well as a custom strategy with a road map for its implementation.

Investment Offer– We provide an offer with terms on how we would like to invest our time into your business to participate in the growth over the next years.

This is an INTENSE Session where we will dig into your business and projects. You will fill out a questionnaire so that we can get super familiar with your project and do some pre-work, then we will schedule you on the calendar. You will meet with Patrycja online. She’s this person who knows where to look and has a whole team of assistants who will find, compile and prepare the data necessary to draw the right conclusions.

With this video consultation, you can’t go wrong. No travel time and costs are required. You can be anywhere in the world and still enjoy a condensed 1-on-1 conversation to consult your activities and progress, as well as ask strategic questions. About 3 hour-long meeting 100% focused on you and your challenges is a lot of time to get the necessary inspiration and knowledge to overcome them.

Follow-up consultation 1h 197 EUR

A visit in your store or office for a BMA consultation (the cost is determined individually).

Not sure if this service is the right fit for you, request a free call by following the LINK.