Hustle House 24h

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There is no substitute for a physical meeting of two people. After all, our conscious mind picks up only a few per cent of our conscious and unconscious signals. Beyond the verbal side, there are many factors that a professional will notice, analyze, and surprise you with their conclusions. Therefore, if you have such an opportunity, decide on physical meetings, during which you receive “live” direct and immediate feedback from Patrycja Franczak, who can accurately hit.

Duration: 24 hours
From 10:00 AM on Friday to 10:00 AM on Saturday.
For obvious reasons, only women will be accepted.

This offer can contain a lot of activity, from strategy making, live show co-hosting to networking and chit- chats along the way. Before the meeting, we will discuss the Client’s needs during a dedicated call. It’s hard to say NO to such an offer, don’t you think?

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