Monthly Subscription Premium

3 999,00 

Hand-picked, validated business innovation ideas delivered straight to your inbox every month.

We analyze tens of thousands of sites, finding ways in which our clients can compete and win.

You get paired with a dedicated advisor and we research for you.

Each month you can request a special search, ask questions. Once a month on 25th day you will get the report in form of an email. Where we share high-level insights (megatrends, key opportunities), market insights (must see examples and competitors dynamic), provoking questions to force you to act on those insights, ideas just for your brand, and we finish with the answers to your questions and special search request.

You get:

  • Custom Report & Dedicated Advisor
  • Special Request Reminders
  • Walkthrough Consultations with Q&A
  • Ongoing Ideation & Support
  • Implementation Assistance
  • Full Team Access



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