Monthly Subscription Basic


Hand-picked, validated business innovation ideas delivered straight to your inbox every month.

We analyze tens of thousands of sites, finding ways in which our clients can compete and win.

You get paired with a dedicated advisor and we research for you.

Each month you can request a special search, ask questions. Once a month on 25th day you will get the report in form of an email. Where we share high-level insights (megatrends, key opportunities), market insights (must see examples and competitors dynamic), provoking questions to force you to act on those insights, ideas just for your brand, and we finish with the answers to your questions and special search request.

You get:

  • Custom Report & Dedicated Advisor
  • Success Manager
  • Walkthrough Consultations with Q&A


There is a lot of information out there, but filtering is really difficult. What makes the difference is having somebody who understands what you are doing, who can really help with that curation… and create a digestible piece ready to use. Right?

Our experience in working with various clients shows that it is difficult to meet two companies on the market that would have a problem in exactly the same area.

For many months we have been looking for a way to effectively increase the growth of our clients, despite the fact that they differ significantly from one another. Finally, we have developed a product that effectively helps clients in their business innovation.

Due to the above-mentioned, the beginning of cooperation is always an individual assessment, which has several functions. The most important thing is:

  • Understanding the goals that the client sets for his company.
  • Making the goals properly described and harmonized with each other.
  • Understanding the business model, added values, and competitive advantages of the client.
  • Checking the current points of contact of the brand with customers.
  • Creating a vision that we want to follow.

The result of the assessment is a monthly email that brings the client’s situation to the desired shape. The vision is discussed and agreed upon with the client during the assessment to avoid any misunderstandings.

An additional goal of the assessment is to quickly check the competencies of the leading advisor. This allows you to verify the match between the consultant and the client at a very early stage of activities. Consulting is one of the services in which such adaptation is very important.

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