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Hi, this is Patrycja Franczak.

The following brief is the first step to cooperation.

Below you will find a form, after which we will suggest how to achieve your company's goals, together. The more accurately you fill in the brief, the better offer we will be able to present.

What's your company name?

Enter the website address, social media profiles.

What does the company do? What products, services?

The more precisely you describe them, the better strategy for your business we will choose.

Who are your audience?

List 1-2 groups of recipients and briefly describe them.

What do you think makes you stand out on the market?

Write what your customers appreciate and what you do better than your competition.

Who already runs a similar business?

Provide 2 links to similar companies / projects.

Whose activities do you like?

Provide links to business* that you find worth following. Also add a brief justification of your choice. * may be other industries

What do you need help with?

Choose what is closest to you. In the following questions, you can describe your needs, challenges and expectations in more detail.

Why do you want to work on these things?

e.g. I want to work professionally in the subject of innovation, but I lack knowledge

e.g. I am not sure if I am going in the right direction

e.g.I want to understand how to better manage innovation in my company

e.g. I want to make better use of market opportunities and trends

e.g. I need more proven ideas for my business development

What is blocking you from doing this yourself?

Describe your challenge and expectations for our cooperation in more detail. List ALL the questions you want to ask. Thanks to this, you will receive precise answers quickly and we will achieve more during the conversation.

What must happen thanks to our cooperation for you to be satisfied?

Tell me, what effects do you expect? Do you want to achieve measurable sales, or improve your company image? Both, perhaps?

Is there something you don't want to achieve, what you want to avoid, what you are scared of, what you cannot afford?

What actions are forbidden by your internal regulations?

What is your monthly or last year's turnover?

Activities are selected according to the size of the company. This answer is crucial for us to propose the right strategy.

What budget do you want to spend on activities apart from the cost of BMA consultation (670 euro)?

We advise against our cooperation if you do not have money to invest. You cannot get water out of a stone.

What resources do you have in your company?

Include the specialists you have in the team and the tools you use.

Where you see yourself and your business in next 5 years?

Try to include as many details as possible.

Last question: If there's anything you want to add, here's the place to be.

Any additional information and thoughts are appreciated.

What e-mail address to send the offer to?
What number can we call back to propose an action plan?
What's your name?

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