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What can we do for you?

The fashion industries are in a constant state of change. navigate this transformative landscape with a focus on innovation, creativity and business models that allow fashion brands to thrive. Our clients view as a natural and powerful extension of their team. provide a fully integrated services approach including design inspiration, product development, business strategies, and megatrends insights. We’re a bespoke operation, a creative office in Poland, not a production line. We adapt our processes to individual projects, not the other way round.

We see what you don’t

The gaps, blind spots, white spaces and trends. Those things just ‘right under your nose' and those ‘never thought about it’ true game-changers.

We see - the perspectives, stories, angles and opportunities. numerous ways in and out. The tiny tweaks that makes the whole difference.

Let’s talk if…
You’re a fashion brand with ambitious plans to shake up your sector. A journalist, blogger, podcaster looking for an opinion from the front line. An account executive or a creative with a talent to burn. Or a mystery caller whose purpose is top secret (no heavy breathing, though).
If you want to try the infuture treatment, get in touch.

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