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Patrycja Franczak

a world-traveling fashion business authority devoted to move fashion forward. What sets me apart from others?

  • true partnership and co-creation
  • winning approach
  • strong informed opinions
  • forward thinking
  • global perspective
  • loyality

Fashion Business
Expo 2020

This is an intense business mastermind connected with a luxurious environment. The key attraction is #DubaiExpo2020


I lead powerful conversations to show people what they cannot see. I always say what no one would dare to tell them. I know that my work etiquette is not comfortable. But is life comfortable at all?

I am

Do you care about how I named my position? Does it really matter? You are here because you are wonder if I’m able to help you, right? So without a fancy job title, I will let you meet me through my blog.

We dare you to think differently. Our mission is to drive fashion forward by gathering curious minds, critical thinkers, inspiration hunters in one place.


I believe that people come to meet me for a reason. So I do everything to bring out what the participants have in their mind and often don’t want to share it. Sometimes I’m mean, but only so that everyone can make the most of the time they spent on the event.

What otherssay

I take a hands-on, no-nonsense approach. I believe that there’s no substitute for uncommon expertise. BUT DON’T TAKE MY WORD FOR IT.

Let's work together

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    Patrycja Franczak? Well, our fashion star. At first, I thought – she would play a diva … but no! A normal person who immediately shortens the distance to get to know you better and finally show you a new perspective. Big, practical knowledge, lots of ideas to implement immediately and the ability to lead an active discussion, which leads to an extreme brainstorming. Patrycja Franczak is a real professionalist who can embrace many topics at the same time – I recommend it!

    Nina Malone

    We connected mentally almost immediately, and her philosophy – perception of reality opened my eyes and showed the direction of action. Direct and natural, which greatly facilitates establishing contact and conversation, which is the most important here. Huge business knowledge followed by good and bad experiences, from which not everyone could get up. She did it – it motivates, raises respect. For me, Patrycja Franczak is a turning point in the perception of my company. An extra eye and brain that processes what’s important and discards garbage.

    Brandon Louca

    Patrycja Franczak conducts the conversation freely but effectively, hands out ready-made tools. Of course, you had to leave the comfort zone – it was needed. After our conversation – new energy and tips to use immediately.

    Emal Danilla

    It was like this: Patrycja published another post. Of course, post in her unique style. Intrigued me. It forced me to think for several hours … And we have it! We work together! Why? Because I value people for who they are. Patrycja is herself and that is why I opened myself. Talking with Patrycja is not a chit chat, it’s hard work on yourself, full concentration. Facing your fears and excuses. I thought I was great at what I do, I have been doing it for years! – but only now (after talking with Patrycja) I will be really great!

    Deborah Baker

    Patrycja Franczak- first thought before the meeting: “well, another ‘expert’ what can she tell me new? Does she really know what she’s doing? ” Oh no, no, she’s different. She got into my brain forever. I was sceptical – very much. I questioned everything she said. It was uncomfortable, but it gave me a lot to think about. I was angry, the pressure was at its peak, but now I don’t regret it! I recommend it to everyone!

    Andrew Christian

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