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We sign an NDA contract with our Clients, so we are unable to say publicly who we work with. Although some of them agreed to share their name or initials. This is what they said about us and Founder – Patrycja Franczak.

“We asked to give us insight about the challenges for a purpose-led company on some strategic issues while the post-covid new normal begin to unfold. We have been able to create certainty around client behaviours and predict the future with the macrotrends and microtrends presented. That’s a good start to our future-centred strategy creation.”

„It is a privilege to work with such an energized team with this strong and bright vision of the future. The combined commitment to innovation and profitability demonstrated by the team is a very powerful combination that resulted in many successful implementations.”

„We invited the team into our business to help us deliver some new concepts to ourk customers. We are so pleased with the ideas that resulted from our cooperation.”

„I think Patrycja and team know everything about the value of standing out and building a marketing strategy as well as finding USP for brands. I love what you did and I have new project coming up. Will we repeat the success?”

„The work was dynamic but well-organized. Patrycja is a friendly but demanding visionary. With a specific vision of the goal, she naturally gathers valuable people and builds effective teams. I don’t know a person who has met Patricia in the past and would not like to work with her. The whole team did an amazing job!”

„Cooperation with Patrycja Franczak was crucial for the further development of our fashion company. The analysis of the situation, setting the direction of next activities and support during the implementation was very professional. I recommend cooperation with Patrycja to everyone running a business – especially family businesses 🙂 There will be blood, there will be sweat, there will be tears – but the goal will also be achieved! „

„The team encourage us to embrace change. They guide us to identify new business directions to be at the top of the market lead.”

„All I want to say is congratulations to the whole team. They have conducted very valuable research on an extremely important subject for us. They not only informed us on the requested topics but also gave recommendations, measure risk, and connected the dots. Seeing a company that gives so objective context was so refreshing and inspiring to us. We look forward to partnering again.”

„The pandemics, as well as our cooperation with the team has been one of the most challenging experiences. Opposite views has met and delighted us with an actionable strategy that let us grow at such challenging times.”

„The team engaged my whole staff in the creative process. This not only integrated the team but also resulted in the great project’s deliverables that I never dreamed of.”

„Working with the team helped us step outside our excels and stand in the shoes of our employees. When you take time to bring the employees lens into the core of your business you can make strategic changes that bring great outcomes to life.”

„While working with the team I’ve been impressed by their commitment to developing the best capabilities in our team to innovate. They aren’t afraid to deal with assumptions, arguments and opposite opinions and they always push to implement what we learn.”

„The innovative solutions are essential to build a holistic model that meets the needs of the board, employees, clients, partners and the whole business ecosystem. It was a pleasure to work with such a diverse and strong team.”

“Patrycja Franczak? Well, our fashion star. At first, I thought – she would play a diva … but no! A normal person who immediately shortens the distance to get to know you better and finally show you a new perspective. Big, practical knowledge, lots of ideas to implement immediately and the ability to lead an active discussion, which leads to an extreme brainstorming. Patrycja Franczak is a real professionalist who can embrace many topics at the same time – I recommend it!”- Nina Malone

“Patrycja simplifies the process of developing a strong strategy and she gave me actionable steps to implement her advices. What’s surprising she check up on me a few weeks after to see if I get everything right and she gave me fresh feedback.” – Michael Crossley

“I love Patrycja Franczak. Simple. She’s a brutal force.”

“I spend few hours only with Patrycja, but that was plenty. She has everything that I expected and more. I needed few minutes to realize how powerful weapon she is. She is a must have for anyone looking for a time of full passion.”

“One thing that attracted me to Patrycja, aside from her proven record of success and expertise, was her innovative approach to whatever she did.”

“I feel such a freedom when I talk to you. I know it’s really silly but I treat you as a friend although I know you always saying you are not here to be anyone’s friend.”

“Thanks so so much again Patrycja for all your help over the past few months. I can’t find words to say how valuable experience it was. It’s been such a pleasure to get to know you as well. Keep leading and inspire others. Thanks again.”

“Fucking fantastic session Patrycja! Really feel pumped about next steps. Thanks for all your help. I will keep you updating on my results. All the best for your business as well – not that you need it!”

“Only one person in the world would give me the breakthrough I needed to believe that I can and nothing more matters. I’ve never been happier. Thank you.”

“We connected mentally almost immediately, and her philosophy – perception of reality opened my eyes and showed the direction of action. Direct and natural, which greatly facilitates establishing contact and conversation, which is the most important here. Huge business knowledge followed by good and bad experiences, from which not everyone could get up. She did it – it motivates, raises respect. For me, Patrycja Franczak is a turning point in the perception of my company. An extra eye and brain that processes what’s important and discards garbage.” – Brandon Louca

“Patrycja Franczak conducts the conversation freely but effectively, hands out ready-made tools. Of course, you had to leave the comfort zone – it was needed. After our conversation – new energy and tips to use immediately.” – Emal Danilla

“Session with Pat? You can’t read that in any business book- believe me, I read a lot! She’s coming with useful ideas every minute! I’m thinking: why I didn’t do it sooner…”- Sandra Mitchell

“It was like this: Patrycja published another post. Of course, post in her unique style. Intrigued me. It forced me to think for several hours … And we have it! We work together! Why? Because I value people for who they are. Patrycja is herself and that is why I opened myself. Talking with Patrycja is not a chit chat, it’s hard work on yourself, full concentration. Facing your fears and excuses. I thought I was great at what I do, I have been doing it for years! – but only now (after talking with Patrycja) I will be really great!” – Deborah Baker

“Patrycja Franczak- first thought before the meeting: “well, another ‘expert’ what can she tell me new? Does she really know what she’s doing? ” Oh no, no, she’s different. She got into my brain forever. I was sceptical – very much. I questioned everything she said. It was uncomfortable, but it gave me a lot to think about. I was angry, the pressure was at its peak, but now I don’t regret it! I recommend it to everyone!” – Andrew Christian

“After working with Patrycja I doubled my income. I made so many changes in my business. What’s surprising I’m doing less, but I’m getting better results. No more overwhelm. Can’t thank you enough!” – Sarah Jane

“Like obvious obviousness, like everyone knows, but it’s all illusion. Life verifies everything! Questions asked by her have power – allow you to stand and look at yourself and your business from a different perspective. Her maturity and business awareness captivated me. I invite you to cooperation – a wonderful person!” – Jason Hochman

“Session with her requires deep thinking. In the current competitive market, it has became more challenging and fun to master the art of making something to be iconic. I’m sure people will work hard to be in her cycle. She have very interesting way of leading converstion.” – Josh Curtis

“My fashion career is on a completely different level! After one month of working with her I changed my job. I get a better position and money that I never dream of. The impossible is possible!” – Teresa Cruz

“Patrycja Franczak is a complicated human in her simplicity. She truly opens the eyes. Her style attracts the attention of many people, but it is not fake. She can read others like hardly anyone. I recommend 100%!” – Daniela Parks

“I was reading so many articles “how to start”, everywhere was written that I need a team. I’m not really good at teamwork and I didn’t have money to hire so I was afraid to start doing anything. Patri showed me how to monetize my idea and design systems in my business without worrying about the team. “Start with what you have”- she said.” – Carolyn Maxwell

“Honestly: my first though was: is she insane wanting this money?! But priceless is her genuine interest, authentic conversation, expertise and knowledge. I felt like I know her forever and I get the results instantly!!!”- Jenni Anderson

“I felt offended when I first talk with her. I was thinking “Who she think she is?!” and then something switched. The truth may be painful. The direct language may be uncomfortable. But this gets me to the breakthrough. This really changed my life!” – Lisa Taylor

“No more silence and pretending that it’s ok where it is not. She showed me different world. During the golden ticket session I was laughing, crying, screaming… it was a roller coaster of different emotions and great experience. I felt like she really gets me. Sometimes harsh, sometimes funny… so worth it!!” – Lucy Green

“I was recommended this brand by my cousin. Nobody else know such detailed things about my problem. You are amazing!” – Katie Alison

“I was visiting her website all the time, reading everything over and over again. I kept thinking, analysing the pros and cons of working with her. It feels like ages before I finally decided to contact her. Mind blowing! Big enthusiasm and professionalism at the same time. She really reads me there was no way to hide anything but playing full out was even better. #catharsis” – Laura Paul

“Her methods are unusual. One session is a mix of different approaches, it’s an emotional roller coaster! I started to see myself and my problems in a completely different way. She knows how to step on your toes, but at the same time she is empathetic and insightful. Work with her is dynamic, challenging but also very inspiring. I never thought I would ever experience something like that. Totally worth it!” – Juna Allen

Other appreciation words I received

“It’s going to be ending of mine day, I am reading these great articles to inspiring myself for tomorrow. Great job, Pat!” Ann from New York

“Good news always here. Lucky me I run across the website and I am sure that I have saved it for later!” Nadya from Indie

“There you can find topics that are close to my heart. Many thanks!” from Malaysia

“This is really interesting, you are a very skilled person. I have joined your social and look forward to seeking more of your great articles.”

“I was recommended this brand by my cousin. Nobody else knows such detailed things about my problem with business. You are amazing!” Katie from Canada

“I was very pleased to find you. I want to thank you a lot! You have great job!” Peter from Germany

“Keep up the good work! You are awesome.” Klaudia from Poland

“Hey! Great website. I will definitely come back and see once more!” from Dubai

“You have made some good points there. most individual work ever! Cheers!” JJ from France

“Just wish to say your articles are surprising. The clearness in your post is simply great and I could assume you’re an expert on this subject.” Daniel from Poland

“Hi, there, all the time I used to check articles here early in the morning, as I like to gain knowledge of more and more. Thanks!” from London

“I always read a lot of business magazines, but now I can see that I just spend really big money. Your articles are here for free and are more valuable than magazines. Love u!” Mia from USA

“Hi, I found your website via Google while searching for a similar matter, your website got here up, it looks great! Keep it up!” from UAE

“Pat, You have done an excellent job. I personally recommend you to my friends. I am sure that it will be benefited.” Natalia from Poland

“Great site you’ve got here! It’s difficult to find high-quality writing like yours nowadays. I really appreciate individuals like you! Take care!” Eswar Santhati

“What I can say about you and your brand… how do I say it? Relevant!! Finally I have found something that helped me! Thank you!”

“I really found you by mistake but I will stay here forever!”

“Sarah recommended this brand and she was totally right. Keep up the fantastic work!” Vicky from UK

“You are really international girl. I admire you as a human and entrepreneur. Attractive selection of content.”

“Your brand is close to my heart! It’s exactly what fashion people need!”

“I write from Singapore to congrats you! You are an amazing person and you make great work!” Shi Zhan

“Greetings from California! I decided to browse your website and I enjoy the info you provide and can’t wait to take a look when new post will be ready.”

“I didn’t think that she can support my brand… we working in the same market!”

“Openness and positive women! That’s all!!!”

“It definitely our pleasure to cooperate with Pat as a fashion editor. She have big knowledge and positive energy. This make her the best writer ever!”

“She was on my training. We talk a lot about business and fashion. Honestly.. I can say that she is amazing! Creative and clever!” Paweł from Poland

“America is grateful for your great job! Love u girl!” Natan from Oklahoma

“Greetings! Very helpful advices!”

“This brand is worth everyone’s attention! Wonderful job!”

“WOW just what I was searching for.”

“Appreciate the recommendation. Thank you for your support!”

“Write more, that’s all I have to say. You obviously know what you’re talking about.”


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