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Research centres and futurologists are trying to track down all new developments but they help only to a limited extent. I know, I know – that may be shocking. You may ask why are they here for? I will explain.

There are companies that are concerned with discovering and interpreting trends from a wide variety of fields – from retail through medicine to culture and many more. All the think tanks offer the same or slightly different stuff. Each company offer analyses and forecasts on far-reaching and long-term changes such as urbanization, individualization or globalization.

For companies that operate in the market and serve a clearly defined area, the insights of such future consultants can be quite valuable. However, these companies are less concerned with very specific changes strictly connected with the industry and market category. Popular future consultants speak about technology but not fashion technology. Do you see the difference?

Previously, a fashion company couldn’t expect external consultant know the details of the industry and there was absolutely no chance for getting insights about a specific niche.

Popular futurists offer valuable support when it comes to choosing and applying the right methods to identify and exploit trends. But the rest you would need to do on your own. Don’t worry – you don’t have to.

Industry and market category matters are too specific for those futurologists who tend to focus on broader topics. And of course, it is necessary to think broadly about trends but it’s also important to look closely to the industry and market specifics. Certain core areas must be covered by each company itself (if you want to deal with it on your own) or let a specialized office deal with it. That’s why focuses only on the fashion industry. And I’m telling you – this is a broad topic too. We make the outsourcing of the discovery, analysis and evaluation of trends possible. Not only support in choosing and applying the right method – like it is in our competition. What’s more, we treat our Clients exclusively. We take one client per market category. So you get advice specific/customized to your firm and there’s no conflict of interest. And if you add 360 degrees strategic thinking, business knowledge and expertise – you just can’t resist!

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    Patrycja Franczak

    Patrycja Franczak

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    She runs company where she cooperates with many fashion companies helping them to strategically define, move toward and manage the future amid the challenges of uncertainty and change - to improve business performance and manage change.

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