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Over the past weeks, we’ve seen a real uptick in beauty product innovations centred on personalisation. New technologies are emerging enabling brands to create entirely personalised products for their customers rather than simply helping them to identify the closest match from a fixed range.

In this article, we’ll showcase the best examples we’ve unearthed from beauty brands, from artificial intelligence to medical diagnostics to provide personalised beauty regimes and product formulations.

Leveraging innovative technologies to personalise product offerings.

Dcypher is a personalised direct-to-consumer foundation brand that promises to give customers exactly what they want. You can choose between millions of different shades before selecting your coverage and finish preferences. After AI diagnostics they create what it refers to as a “true-to-you” formulation. It takes only few minutes.

Beiersdorf introduced us O.W.N. It is a skincare brand that uses a proprietary algorithm to create personalised formulas for each customer.

There’s a questionnaire online to provide the brand with information about your skincare type and needs. O.W.N’s artificial intelligence will then create formulas for a personalised range of products that meet the needs. Sources say that there are about 380,000 possible formula combinations.

Labskin came up with Skin Trust Club is a new skincare service that matches consumers to the most appropriate skin care products for their skin based on a swab that is used to map their skin microbiome.

The customer gets a swab kit, which they complete at home and send back to the lab. The swabs analyse it and give the customer a unique skin profile, which they can access via the Skin Trust Club’s app.

How about Algorithmic Perfumery? It is a Dutch fragrance brand that makes personalised fragrances based on their customer’s preferences and… the image they want to project to the world!

Everything starts with a questionnaire, then the company’s proprietary algorithms and AI creates a unique fragrance. The brand provides the app to create personalised scents wherever their clients are. They also have a “Living Lab” in Breda where customers can fill out the questionnaire in person and watch their fragrance is made.

IOPE, a luxury skincare brand has opened its new flagship store in Seoul offering customers a raft of high-tech skin care services. Their LAB allows customers to “receive scientific measurements for their skin with skin specialists and state-of-the-art devices and obtain precise skin solutions”. It’s worth mentioning that IOPE is known for their scientific research around skincare. They have a dedicated team to do so.

Personalised beauty products innovations are taking over the beauty market. We can expect more of this kind solutions in more and more affordable price range.

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