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Regardless of what you can observe in the world of tech and its trickly trends, entrepreneurial opportunities are still plentiful and often overlooked. Today we want to assure you that sometimes instead of getting in line with the crowd, it’s best to take a different path and look to the past to see your future. Technology, apps, or the latest hot trends are important but our entrepreneurial success does not depend on them.

Creating a successful business starts with a simple process: identify a problem or need and develop a profitable business around solving the problem or satisfying the need. As we talk we numerous entrepreneurs we see that many are seeking problems for their answers. And that’s where success becomes difficult. Many entrepreneurs came to the conclusion that because technology is „hot” and „buzz-worthy”, it is the answer and they must define or find a problem it will solve. That is a good wish for many dreamers.

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    Al right, but don’t assume that I’m some sort of technology resistor stuck in the past. I have no problem with tech. I just see that many people enter the tech industry forgetting that a successful business must actually make money. How we do business is influenced by technology but at the core, there must be a human need fulfilled for a business idea to be viable.

    I want to encourage you to do diligent market research. And once you identify the appropriate need in which to build a business, then (and only then) you can determine how to utilize technology to make the customer experience superior. But remember, no matter how digital our world becomes, humans still have to eat, drink, have a home, and have relationships with family and friends.

    Let’s face it, there are tens of thousands of entrepreneurial opportunities that will satisfy one of those basic needs and are not dependent on a single app or software to be successful. Any and each business can be innovated in many areas.

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