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After analysing many business innovations, I discovered that most breakthroughs don’t necessarily stem from engineering inventions or rare discoveries.

Business innovations can be categorized and used by anyone to analyze the competition, to test product weaknesses, or to find new opportunities for their products.

NOTE: New products are invented all the time but this is merely one way to innovate in business.

The biggest breakthroughs in history comprise some combination of 10 types of innovation.

#Innovation TypeDescription
1.Profit ModelHow you make money
2.NetworkConnections with others to create value
3.StructureAlignment of your talent and assets
4.ProcessSignature of superior methods for doing your work
5.Product PerformanceDistinguishing features and functionality
6.Product SystemComplementary products and services
7.ServiceSupport and enhancements that surround your offerings
8.ChannelHow your offerings are delivered to customers and users
9.BrandRepresentation of your offerings and business
10.Customer EngagementDistinctive interactions you foster

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