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Are you sure? Because very often we are looking on other people’s shoes.. And we ask: why I’m not wearing these shoes? It’s because there’s a shoe that fits you and it won’t fit anybody else.

I’m sure you didn’t put just SOME shoes this morning. You put the exact shoe that fits your feet so you can walk. You don’t wear too small shoes because you won’t concentrate, it will be too painful. You can’t put size 8 feet into shoes size 4, right?

So why you trying to put size 8 MIND into size 4 BEHAVIOUR?!

Sometimes we taking the calling of our life that is size 12, but our mindset is size 2. So we stay in this comfort for the next 10 years wondering when we will be comfortable, when we will get our dreams come true. We’ve always known there was a calling a size 12 in our life, but we back up because we keep wondering “what if”. We have this size 12 calling, but all we focus on is the current size 2 of our life. We see ourselves as the creatures that failing often, that aren’t perfect, that have not enough resources. We are searching for our beauty in someone else’s eyes. We search for approve, permission to be, to do, to say anything…

Often times we go through our life knowing that there’s a big calling in our life, but the last time we tried to step out it costed us something. It may cost us some money, but maybe some friends, relationship, energy, time. Maybe we failed, so we felt embarrassed and worthless. Maybe we told ourselves: hold on let me finish the studies, hold on I need to save some money, hold on I need to wait to my kids to grow up, hold on let my family to support me… and we hold ourselves until or because of something and then… we find ourselves 5 years later with the same crappy life…

No one is saying that achieving your big dreams will be easy. But you as a human haven’t been created for easy role! We need progress, that means changes. I know there’s no evidence that all will work out for us. But I’m sure you know, you can feel.. there’s more! You may feel this impossible mission of size 12. Maybe you don’t really understand that, maybe the whole vision is not clear yet. But you will find size 4, then 6 and before you will know you will be right there in size 12 of your life.

You want your future, but you caught up in your yesterday. You have to stop that! The present moment is not your end point, it is where you are right now. You can still change that! Bad things happen FOR you not to you. This all negative circumstances have their own benefits. It has to drag your attention, see what you can not see. You need to keep going through it, no matter what. There will be a day when you will feel stuck and worthless, not knowing what to do and how to do it. But there’s always more!


Are you willing to be bold, own your opinions and do whatever it takes? Are you willing to fail and experiment? Are you ready to challenge your excuses and shape the unknown?

Why I’m telling you this story? Because it’s a story of my life. I never thought I can bring my ‘impossible’ goals to life and become a fashion industry authority. I took the leap and here I am, living on my terms, doing what I love. I want to help fashion professionals do the same and make fashion history along the way. Fashion industry need bold leaders who are ready to create the unknown.

Patrycja Franczak

Author Patrycja Franczak

She runs company where she cooperates with many fashion companies helping them to strategically define, move toward and manage the future amid the challenges of uncertainty and change - to improve business performance and manage change.

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