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Many entrepreneurs are familiar with building a sales funnel but they doing it wrong.

They start with the bottom of the funnel – means the cheapest offer

and then they building up through mid-level offers to the really high paid service.

And they get frustrated why the business is not working, why they profit is so low…

You know what? I must admit – I did this too.

I wrote a book and believed that this will lead me to the successful sales of my 1:1 service.

What happened?

I attracted bargain-searchers. People who just starting out – no – they even didn’t start.

They were wanting and wishing to have a successful fashion business.

I was getting more and more frustrated.

It was not what I was looking for!!

As you can guess.. people who bought my book didn’t buy the service.

I was blaming the whole world for that… the industry, the wrong followers, not enough followers, you name it – I blame it all.


But if we analyse it through we can see that it had to end like this.

So you have this low price offer – you promote it like crazy…

you write a blog around the topic of the product/service

you communicate it on social media

you make all the call-to-action about this low-price offer

everything to attract people to buy this

you need much more customers to make a profit so you go wild with promoting it

you lose so much time and money…

soon enough…

you have new buyers and followers.

You feel it went well, but…

the profit is not amazing (you barely break even)

as soon as you start communicate the highest-paid offer

people start unfollowing

you start hearing haters and objections and you start reacting on this (which often means reducing prices – because you believe it somehow will help)

you have testimonials on low- price ticket but it has nothing to do with your high-paid offer (so it’s useless to have them)

and people don’t really pay attention to you anymore – they get some good deal and they don’t value it or/and you.

How I am doing it NOW?

Once I’ve built a service that yields insane results, I create systems, communication strategy, I build a raving & loyal fan base… I started to zoom out and create additional, smaller offers!

I leverage my time and money and finally work with my perfect clients. And have time for what makes me happy.

Save a ton of time… Do it my way. The results will pay off!

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    Patrycja Franczak

    Patrycja Franczak

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